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Welcome to the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club (ADHRC) homepage. This site, like the club itself, was organized to unite all breeders of the Dwarf Hotot in a closer bond of cooperation, to provide a means of communication among members and to assist in the development, raising, and advancing interest of the breed.

The ADHRC is chartered by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, (ARBA). The club was organized in 1982 and promotes the breed by sending members a guidebook (which includes informative articles written by many of the leading breeders) and a club newsletter published four times a year to keep members appraised of the latest news and developments of the breed. In addition, the ADHRC sponsors a national sweepstakes contest which makes it possible for breeders to compete with one another on a national and local level. Points are credited to each exhibitor at sanctioned shows and at the end of each fiscal year trophies are awarded to those attaining a top level nationally. A special contest is held for the youth.

The goal of the ADHRC is to show the world what this breed is all about! Whether you are a long time breeder and exhibitor or an animal lover who fell in love with the "Eyes of the Fancy", you're bound to find something exciting and interesting here.